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  • Clean Water Project. Your donations helped drill a well for one village.
    Clean Water Project (CWP) Need donations to drill wells for clean water. $2 goes a very very long way.......Visit us on FaceBook for current photos and info.

    Radio Messages Result In Baptisms In Two Villages!

    A Letter from the District Pastor in the Tasba Raya Region of Nicaragua

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    I would like to send a formal greeting to all the listeners of the Radio Station Cruz de la Corona 96.9. For us it has been a pleasure to listen to this Radio. Through the Cruz de la Corona we have learned how to know Jesus and because of this we do not want this radio station to ever encounter hard times but that it will always air and spread the word of God and for this we thank brother Mike, the CCI board and all of the people that help make this possible for their hard work. Through this radio station many brothers and sisters have given their heart to Christ. This radio proclaims the word of God in three languages Spanish, Miskitu, and English all three of these languages have helped the people of this area find the feet of Jesus. The brothers and sister of the community of San Pablo have given their hearts to Jesus through the Cruz de la Corona , there are 8 families in the community of Columbus, and 6 more in another village and all of the Tasba Raya zone have come to know Christ through this radio. This is a great place to have this station. To all the brothers and listeners, may we meet in Heaven soon.

    -Pastor Audicio Jemenez Hernando
    Tasba Raya, Francia Sirpi

    Clean Water Project (CWP)
    Thanks to all who helped with the well in the local village.
    Clear water is now a reality!

    CCI is able to pump water in the mornings and afternoon. The well is 120' deep. Because of the amount of power available, we let the local people set the times for pumping the water. The locals come with their buckets and walk away with a smile. Even though the solar is not strong enough to run all day everyday for washing clothes and cleaning verandas, it is a major help for those that need clean drinking water. God will bless and keep it flowing as He sees fit to help the people in area with such a great need. To God be the glory!

    Local Recording Studio

    CCI is opening a fund to raise money to start a local recording studio. There is someone translating Bible studies and health information in the Miskito language. When it is ready, we hope to have the funding to start recording not only the new translated information but, also we will be doing the audio for the rest of the Bible. We only have the four Gospels on audio in the Miskito language and we have the complete Bible in the Spanish language. There are many women  in local areas and some total remote villages that do not understand Spanish. Please keep this project in your prayers as we try to get the Word of Hope out the the villages that do not know the love of Jesus.

    We are accepting for donations to help with the needed equipment to set up the studio.

    If you feel called to do mission work and believe you would be interested in helping run a radio station, CCI is taking applications for a director. PRAY about it first, this station belongs to God and HE will open your heart to the postition.

    CCI wants to thank all those who helped support the spreading of God's word in the jungles of Nicaragua. 2010 has been an awesome year!  May God bless you as you venture into the new year. Keep in mind that God is coming soon to get us, we all want to be ready! Let`s share Him with someone now.  CCI Photo Gallery

    How it all began...

    Cross to Crown International began as an impossible dream in the minds of the Halverson family. In the jungles of Nicaragua, electricity and running water are not just luxuries; plumbing and power lines simply do not exist. A generator is even limited by miles of often-impassible roads between home and fuel. This is the reality for the Miskito people living in the jungles along the Coco River. Poverty, hunger, and a lack of clean water result in poor health, and many villages are still steeped in witchcraft.

    Mike and Diana Halverson moved to Nicaragua to work at a mission, helping with building projects. Then in 2000 a group of Miskito Indians traveled from their distant village to talk with the missionaries. "God has never been to our village," the Indians said. "He doesn`t know who we are." They asked the family to talk with God and ask Him to come to their village. The family did not take the request lightly. They visited village after village along the Coco River. After seeing the effects of the witch doctors in these remote villages, the Halversons felt a burden to reach more of these people. But with few roads, travel was difficult. It seemed that a radio station would be the most effective messenger. Mike and Diana gave their idea to God, and with miracle after miracle He made the impossible happen.

    Today CCI 96.9 FM is a reality! one that reaches farther than ever expected. Since 2006, the message of hope in Jesus Christ has been reaching their targeted area in Nicaragua and can be heard in a large portion of Honduras, as well.

    Recently the team was able to set up solar power, so they no longer have to rely on fickle roads in an effort to keep their station running. They have been building churches and clinics in the villages as well, and they strive in every way to spread the love of Jesus as quickly as they can. They are eager to go Home to a home with no hunger and no pain, a home where all speak the same language and can share in each others joys for eternity.

    Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Miskito Indians in the jungles of Nicaragua. Based in the Tasba Raya area.

    Tax Deductable Donations can be sent to:
    Cross To Crown International, P.O. Box 533   Pikeville, TN. 37367

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    Cross to Crown International Vision Statement:

    Cross To Crown International is a non profit organization 501(c)3, that is devoted to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. CCI is homebased in Tennessee where the majority of the board resides. CCI has been running a Christian Radio Station in the jungles of Nicaragua since September 1, 2006.

    Of all the good things we can do for others, the greatest is to lead them into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the One who at the cross, paid for the sins of every human being. Every Christian is commissioned to share this good new of Christ's sacrifice with the world. It is our vision to share this message with others that will continue to share it with the whole world.

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